Heard on the Hill: ‘Glee’ Gets All Congressional

Posted November 2, 2011 at 5:38pm

God help us, HOH hasn’t had to even pretend to care about faux high schoolers since West Beverly demanded Donna Martin walk with her obviously 30-something classmates. But you better believe Team Murkowski got all fired up when the Alaska Republican came up on “Glee.”

Non-“Gleek” recap: Fox’s musically themed ratings grabber is pursuing a storyline that has show villain Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch, running for Congress on a defund-the-arts platform. Moral center Mr. Will Schuester, portrayed by Matthew Morrison, attempts to throw her campaign for a loop by recruiting glee club dad Burt Hummel, played by Mike O’Malley, to launch a last-ditch challenge.

Hummel may not know much, but he does love underdog stories:

“I had Carol check out the election rules. I’m too late to get on the ballot, but I can still run as a write-in candidate. Yeah, some chick in Alaska won doing it last year. Her name is way harder to spell than Hummel,” the quick political study says.

An aide to Sen. Lisa Murkowski said his BlackBerry blew up shortly after the prime-time name-check. And staff made sure to play the clip for the second-generation solon, who definitely “dug” the veiled props.