New Colorado Map Is Finalized

Posted December 5, 2011 at 11:47am

The Colorado Supreme Court today upheld a lower-court ruling last month that implements a Democratic-friendly Congressional map for the 2012 elections.
Under the new lines Rep. Mike Coffman’s (R) conservative 6th district becomes a swing seat. Coffman’s most serious Democratic challenger so far is state House Rep. Joe Miklosi.

The new map also shored up GOP freshman Rep. Cory Gardner’s 4th district for Republicans and maintained GOP Rep. Scott Tipton’s 3rd district as a tossup.

The courts had to resolve redistricting in the state when Colorado’s split-power government was unable to compromise on a new map. This was the fourth time in four decades that Colorado had to resort to the courts to draw a new map.

Republicans had sought to maintain the status quo in a new map, but Democrats’ proposals were aimed at making gains in the delegation. The Colorado House delegation currently has three Democrats and four Republicans.