Andrew Romanoff Won’t Run for Congress in 2012

Posted December 6, 2011 at 1:22pm

Former Colorado Speaker Andrew Romanoff will not enter the race to challenge Rep. Mike Coffman (R) in the state’s 6th district next year.
Romanoff’s decision leaves state Rep. Joe Miklosi as the leading Democrat in what is expected to be a highly competitive race. Romanoff called Miklosi to inform him of his decision not to run and to offer his endorsement.
“I’ve known him for several years and I know he’ll do a good job,” Romanoff told the Denver Post.

In a statement, Miklosi called Romanoff “one of the finest public servants the state has ever produced” and describe the endorsement as “an honor and a privilege.”
Romanoff mounted a competitive primary challenge to Sen. Michael Bennet (D) in 2010. In the last few weeks, there was growing speculation that he might run against Miklosi.
On Monday, the Colorado Supreme Court upheld a ruling that implements a Democratic-friendly map for the 2012 elections. The 6th district was the most radically changed under the court-drawn map. The once-safe Republican seat is now swing territory, and Coffman will have to fight to hold it next year.