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Occupy DC Plans to Protest Romney Fundraiser

Bad news for K Street: Occupy DC isn’t done with you yet.

Protesters plan to demonstrate at a fundraiser for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday night at Lincoln, a fashionable new restaurant just north of Washington’s downtown lobbying district.

“Action is hitting the Romney fundraiser at Lincoln tomorrow night. Hosted by that wonderful lobbyist firm that was supposedly shopping the $850K plan to discredit occupations,” Occupy DC spokeswoman Ali Savino wrote in an email to other participants tonight.

The fundraiser, aimed at young professionals and headlined by Romney’s son Tagg, is co-hosted by dozens of K Street stars, including Sam Geduldig of Clark Lytle Geduldig Cranford, the firm that came under fire after a memo detailing a plan to discredit the Occupy movement surfaced last month.

The proposal, addressed to one of CLGC’s many financial services clients, the American Bankers Association, suggested the ABA could pay the firm $850,000 to conduct “opposition research” on Occupy Wall Street in order to construct “negative narratives” about the protests and sympathizers on Capitol Hill.

Geduldig, who has remained silent throughout the dustup, declined to comment on the protest.

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