Texas Officials Move Filing Deadline

Posted December 13, 2011 at 6:02pm

Texas party officials agreed to move back the state’s filing deadline by four days, from Thursday to Monday, according to local reports.

Party leaders debated a new election calendar today in a San Antonio federal court in the wake of a Supreme Court decision that shattered the Lone Star State’s electoral timetable. The Supreme Court announced Friday it had granted the GOP’s request for a stay on the San Antonio court’s interim Congressional map.

The high court scheduled opening arguments for Jan. 9. As a result, Texas officials were forced to move the original filing deadline and the March 6 primary.

Local officials told reporters there will likely be a second filing period once the new map is finalized. They will also attempt to agree on a new primary date at a later meeting.

The District Court for the District of Columbia will commence a separate trial Jan. 17 to consider the map passed by the Texas legislature earlier this year.

Texas officials sued the Justice Department in federal court to receive pre-clearance for the map passed by the Legislature earlier this year. Under the Voting Rights Act, Texas requires pre-clearance from the DOJ or a federal court before implementing changes to voting laws, including new Congressional maps.