Kinzinger-Manzullo Race Now Official

Posted December 18, 2011 at 12:07pm

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R) announced Thursday he’ll seek re-election in Illinois’ redrawn 16th district, where fellow Republican Rep. Don Manzullo is already running.

“I’ve decided to run in the new 16th district because it encompasses more of the current 11th district than any other district under the new map,” Kinzinger said in a video announcing his plans.

Kinzinger’s announcement came hours after a federal court dismissed the GOP’s lawsuit over the new Congressional map. In May, Illinois Democrats passed a new map that moved several GOP Members into the same districts.

Democrats moved Kinzinger’s home into the heavily Democratic 2nd district with Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D), but Republicans expected Kinzinger to challenge Manzullo in the nearby 16th district instead. The district favors Republicans.

Kinzinger, 33, never mentions Manzullo by name in his video, but he does refer to his “freshman” status. It’s a contrast to Manzullo, 67, who has served in Congress for 10 terms.

“Over the last several months, my freshman classmates and I have been fighting to shake things up in Washington and change the conversation from how much to spend to how much to cut,” he said.