Eric Cantor Shows CBS His Softer Side

Posted January 1, 2012 at 8:15pm

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sought to soften his image in a “60 Minutes” profile tonight, using the national stage to highlight his personal humanity while showing no daylight between himself and tea party conservatives.

Introduced by the news program as the face of “Republican inflexibility,” the Virginia lawmaker eagerly showcased his personal side, inviting the interviewer into his family home; revealing that he likes hip-hop artists Wiz Khalifa, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne; and saying he personally likes President Barack Obama and is willing to cooperate with him.

Anchorwoman Lesley Stahl conveyed “the other side of Eric Cantor,” interviewing his Democratic-leaning wife, live-in mother-in-law and son, who said, “No one would ever know it, but he’s cool.”

Stahl also noted that Cantor is self-conscious about his image as a villain to the left, which is why, as Cantor noted, “we’re counting on you to help us get the reality out to address that.”

Still, Cantor remained relatively intractable on the issue of taxes, saying he does not want to raise them because it would compromise his principles.

“I have always been ready to cooperate,” Cantor said. “Let’s look to where we can move things forward where we agree. Comprising principles, you don’t want to ask anybody to do that. That’s who they are as their core being.”