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Heard on the Hill: Tracker Vs. Allen West

American Bridge, the Democratic super PAC, has a super tracker who is hot on the trail of Florida’s Republican delegation, attending public events and recording them with a small camera.

Recently, several town hall meetings hosted by Rep. Allen West and taped by the tracker showed a weird trend. The Florida Congressman started calling the tracker out, saying the videographer was a Democratic stooge. 

In a town hall meeting last week, West said this: “We got to get dog-fighting mad, exactly what Clint Eastwood said in ‘Outlaw Josey Wales.’”

(Editor’s note: What Eastwood said exactly is “mad-dog mean.”)

“Because if you don’t get dog-fighting mad, it’s going to get taken away from you.”

We’re not sure what West means by “it,” but he goes on to say that getting “dog-fighting mad” is not “frothing at the mouth,” but rather it is how he describes becoming educated about issues a voter cares about.

For West, getting “dog-fighting mad” is synonymous with “intelligent discourse,” except when “the other side starts to yell and scream at you or when the other side sends individuals like the young lady over here to your right who is a plant for the Democratic Party, who is here to tape me and use that for whatever purpose they want.

“You got to stand and tell them one simple thing: ‘We’re not intimidated.’ … [B]ecause it is not going to be about issues for the group she represents.”

Confusing burn!

American Bridge says the call-outs are new, but West spokeswoman Angela Melvin disagrees. “These guys have been following him around, [and] he likes to poke fun.”

In fact, Melvin claims that West has tried to approach the tracker, but she scoots out before the meeting is over. Wily!

Dying to catch American Bridge’s “Super Tracker of Mystery”?

Just pop by West’s next town hall meeting during the week of Feb. 20-25.

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