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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Is the Internet Back On?

Wednesday’s Interwebz-wide protest of online piracy measures was the latest sign that the public is politically engaged — and maybe a bit confused ­— and is not afraid to call, email and tweet their Members of Congress to let them know.

“Please turn our Internet back on!” America said in one voice.

“But … we haven’t turned it off,” confused staffers responded.

The two bills attempt to address online piracy issues on foreign-based websites, a priority for content providers like Hollywood.

But in classic Internet fashion, the Internet seems to have confused the public.

“[The] Internet blackout has really confused a bunch of people,” one HOH tipster tells us. Americans from all over the country wrote to their Representatives — not to vote against the legislation, but to turn the World Wild Web back on.

Staffers all over the Hill had to field calls, emails and social media contact in which their constituents were begging them to “do something.” It seems students nationwide had papers to write and that was hard without Wikipedia.

Several teachers were also having a hard time without the Internet. They asked that Members bring Wikipedia back because they needed it to “familiarize students with topics before they start studying.”

Another office received this phone call: “I quote movies like ‘Wayne’s World 2’ all the time. After today, I could single-handedly shut down Twitter that way.

“I can’t have that on my conscience.”

And neither can we.

“At this point, I’m not convinced the Internet is worth saving,” one staffer tells us.

Viva l’Internet!