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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Bingo for SOTU

Hey D.C., bingo in this city isn’t just for drag queens anymore!

Americans for Tax Reform has made the State of the Union into a rousing game of bingo. Why? A better question is why not. Now you can compete throughout the speech with your friends and family.

There are five different cards with columns O-B-A-M-A across the top and terms such as “children and grandchildren,” “energy,” “sacrifice” and “bipartisan” in the boxes below.

The lovely people at ATR also included a helpful set of “definitions” for words that President Barack Obama might use.

Below are some of our favorites.

Children and grandchildren: The people picking up the tab.

Energy: Something that flows from good intentions, government programs and “stimulus” spending but not pipelines.

I or Me: Center of the known universe.

Compromise: Tax hikes.

Sacrifice: Tax hikes.

Bipartisan: Tax hikes.

Fair or Fair Share: Tax hikes.

Balanced: Tax hikes.

Print out your bingo cards here!

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