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Fleming Looks to Onion for Support

Rep. John Fleming was up in arms this weekend about the whole Susan G. Komen-Planned Parenthood dust up, larding up his official Facebook page with several abortion-related links — including a preposterous one from those masters of subtlety at the Onion.

The Louisiana Republican got the ball rolling Friday afternoon with an anti-PP missive drafted by his own press office (hopefully, a trusted source). He followed that up with a few YouTube vids, a WorldNetDaily exposé and a custom created poll.

At some point, Fleming also reposted a piece the Onion published last spring alerting Topeka, Kan., residents  to the arrival of PP’s state-of-the-art “Abortionplex.”

The over-the-top spoof contains an image of a huge mall with a digital counter chronicling the millions of abortions performed (“The Abortionplex’s high-tech machinery is capable of terminating one pregnancy every three seconds … we’re so thrilled,” a fake PP spokesperson is quoted as saying in the article) and features the following fictitious amenities: a chapel (“Clergy from all major religions are on hand to persuade women to end their pregnancy the way God intended”), day care center (“Young children can play in this supervised area while their unborn siblings are being terminated elsewhere”) and a grove of reflection (“small wooded area where women can quietly contemplate how much better life will be once they’ve aborted their child”).

It’s unclear if Fleming auto-realized his mistake or if others had to bring it to his attention. But eagle-eyed commenters made sure to call him out.

The fight raged on this morning, with Facebooker Alise Morales firing off this glib shot (which has since been scrubbed from Fleming’s page):

Here’s a little something we learned in J-school, Congressman: If your mother tells you she loves you, confirm it with other sources.

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