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Komen’s Prescient SOS

Amid its ill-fated attempt to cut off Planned Parenthood and the issuance of its somehow even more polarizing about-face, the brain trust at Susan G. Komen for the Cure solicited for someone — anyone — to help skipper it through stormy weather in the future.

The cancer group achieved critical mass last Tuesday when it announced it was going to stop issuing grants to Planned Parenthood operators as part of a restrictive new policy. Activists roared. Lawmakers fired off angry letters.

By Friday, the Komen folks were in full backpedal mode, begging both sides for forgiveness, effectively alienating donors on both sides of the highly politicized issue.

“Neither the decision nor the changes themselves were based on anyone’s political beliefs or ideology,” outgoing Komen Senior Vice President for Public Policy Karen Handel asserted in her Feb. 7 resignation letter.

Perhaps things might have gone a little smoother if a media-savvy professional had pounced on this Feb. 2 job posting, soliciting for a seasoned public policy director.

Lord knows the group could have used the help “identifying emerging issues, conducting analysis, and providing strategic counsel.” And it definitely needed someone able to “think strategically while also ensuring successful implementation in a fast-paced environment.”

You mean like the 96 hours of hell you all put yourselves through last week?

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