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Billy, Um, Long’s Everyman Problems

Until last week, Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.) couldn’t get arrested in this town.

But following a star turn at the Washington Press Club’s Congressional dinner, the self-effacing lawmaker is being misrecognized near and far. 

Long made light of his involuntary anonymity during his debut at the annual shindig, to great fanfare.

By this weekend, his white-hot buzz had apparently drastically cooled:

“My Washington Press Club bit was how everyone always confuses me for someone else, today in Ozark MO ‘Hello Mr. (Sen.) Blunt’ #Can’tMakeItUp,” Long tweeted to his 2,200 devoted followers. “Confuse me w/ Reps. Mike Kelley [sic], Blake Farenthold or Tom Reed — I’m good, I’m there. Confuse me w/ Sen. Roy Blunt #EvenI’mNotBuyingThatOne.”

Dry those tears, Congressman.

At least Patrick Wilson still loves ya!

“You’re a Show-me original Congressman!” the D.C. lobbyist tweeted in response to Long’s Blunt self-assessment.

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