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Rob Wittman Still Faithful to Worn Wheels

(Courtesy Rep. Rob Wittman)
(Courtesy Rep. Rob Wittman)

On Tuesday, Rep. Rob Wittman hit 300,000 miles in his beloved Corolla, and he says he hopes to drive 300,000 more.

“I pulled over to the side of the road to take a picture of the odometer [with] 299,999 miles,” Wittman tells HOH of the big moment.

“I went a mile and then two miles,” he remembers. “The odometer never tripped over!”

So Wittman did what anyone would do, he took it into the shop because — blast it! — he had earned the satisfaction of seeing “300,000” on the dashboard.

The mechanic told Wittman that he had outdriven the car’s microchip memory. “So they switched it back to zero,” the lawmaker tells us.

Wittman also says he is responsible for every mile that has been put on his tan 2005 Toyota Corolla.

It has collided with a deer, he says, and last summer a woman slammed into it. The insurance company declared Wittman’s ride totaled, but the Congressman wasn’t ready to give up.

He bought it back from the insurance company and got it all fixed up.

“It’s just my little car,” he tells HOH.

Strangely, for someone so in love with his automobile, he hasn’t given the little one a name. After 300,000 miles, however, the Congressman agrees the poor thing has finally earned a name.

His office will hold a naming contest soon.

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