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Crossroads GPS, the juggernaut GOP-backing nonprofit advocacy organization, launched a radio ad today knocking Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) for backing President Barack Obama’s controversial compromise policy on birth control under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The ad never mentions the term “birth control” but paints McCaskill, facing a tough re-election battle in November, as a “liberal” and a “Washington insider” in lockstep with the president. Obama is unlikely to win the Show-Me State in his re-election bid.

Caitlin Legacki, a spokeswoman for the state Democratic Party, blasted the ad in a statement to Roll Call.

“Half-truths and deception are the only tools available to Karl Rove’s billionaire backroom club,” she said. “The facts: Claire believes women should have access to birth control, which would prevent abortions across Missouri, and she feels strongly that religious freedoms should be respected. That’s common sense.”

The group is spending $65,000 statewide to air the 60-second spot, which is narrated by a female and backed by synthesizer music.

This is the full script for the spot:

Only two creatures on earth follow their leaders over a cliff: lemmings and Washington Liberals.

Senator Claire McCaskill followed the President over a cliff with Obamacare — trillions in higher debt, special interest bailouts, wasted stimulus spending. Now, President Obama is forcing religious hospitals and charities to provide services that violate their beliefs. Republicans and Democrats have called on President Obama to withdraw his extreme rule.

But Washington insider Claire McCaskill is tone-deaf to the real world. She’s defending this Obamacare mandate — inserting government into our private lives as never before.

Senator McCaskill told voters she wanted to be held accountable. Take her at her word. Call Senator McCaskill at 816-421-1639. Tell her to change her position, before she and President Obama destroy freedoms that make America great.

Paid for by Crossroads GPS.

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