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Nevada: Ad War Erupts on Spanish-Language Radio

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a Spanish-language radio ad today in Nevada that ties Republican Sen. Dean Heller to Sharron Angle.

The ad, launched in coordination with Rep. Shelley Berkley (D), twice mentions Angle, the 2010 Senate candidate and tea party lightning rod, and claims Heller is running “an anti-Latino campaign,” according to a translated transcript of the ad.

The 60-second ad goes on to say that Heller wants to copy neighboring Arizona’s beefed-up immigration law and that he opposes the DREAM Act.

“In Republican Dean Heller, we have another Sharron Angle,” the ad’s announcer says in Spanish.

The ad is further evidence of the importance that Latino voters will play in Nevada for both Berkley and President Barack Obama. It’s also an indication that Democrats still view Angle, who lost to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D), as a figure so polarizing that she can help their cause even though she’s not on the ballot.

The ad came less than two weeks after the National Republican Senatorial Committee aired its own 60-second Spanish-language ad in Nevada. The committees spent less than $20,000 each, according to sources that track ad spending.

The NRSC’s ad tied Berkley to Obama and said they were focused on “regulating the Catholic Church,” a reference to the mandate that contraception be provided for free in health care plans.

“And if the church won’t comply? The Obama-Berkley law punishes them … forcing them to pay fines and penalties … just for doing what they believe is right,” the ad’s announcer said according to a transcript.

Roll Call rates this Senate race as a Tossup.

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