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Sing Your Life

Democratic leaders are pleased as punch that former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey wants back on the team. And so are we.

Not for partisan reasons. But because we’re absolutely dying to know what the closet crooner plans to belt out should his current re-election bid bear fruit.

A tipster unearthed this long-forgotten footage of Kerrey spontaneously serenading his supporters with the Australian folk ballad “Waltzing Matilda” after clinching his first Senate seat in November 1988:

It’s been a quarter-century since Kerry rocked the mic that night — and at least a decade since he’s strolled the halls of Congress sporting a handy dandy, security-skirting Member pin on his lapel. Which leads us to believe he may need a little help updating his songbook.

So would-be-returning Senator, here’s a few career-defining ditties you may want to practice before November:

House of Pain – Same As It Ever Was

The Pretenders – Back on the Chain Gang

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?

LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out

Any other tunes you think Kerrey should start practicing? Feel free to compose your own list in the comments section.

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