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Congressman’s Daughter Problems

Updated 11:39 p.m. | Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R) has six kids, and HOH has a favorite! Her name is Maggie Fitzpatrick, and she’s a young co-ed and a prolific tweeter without a filter.

On Jan. 5, 2011, Maggie’s dad and the rest of the 112th Congress was sworn in to office. Fitzpatrick and his buddy Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) decided to take the oath via television, rather than trek from the Capitol Visitor Center to the House floor.

It was an embarrassing incident for Fitzpatrick and Sessions, but another embarrassing incident was happening at the same time!

Maggie, not yet 21, twittered at 4:08 p.m, “if ya havent noticed im drunk. and in the capital. this might end terrible.”

If we hadn’t noticed in 2011, we certainly took note in 2012, when an older and wiser Maggie tweeted at her friend: “haha that awkward moment when your drunk in the capital building at a swearing in + your being judged #congressmansdaughterproblems.”

Maggie ran into more problems last October.

“[P]rotest outside of planned parenthood right now,” she tweeted. “[C]razy people yelling at me about abortion, I just want my birth control #backthef—off.”

Fitzpatrick, by the way, voted last year to curtail federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

One of our favorite tweets, however, was the following exchange:

Someone tweeted to the young Fitzpatrick: “[President Barack] Obama, [House Minority Leader Nancy] Pelosi, [Democratic candidate Patrick] Murphy. You gotta f— one, elect one, kill one go!”

Maggie’s answer: “[O]h my gosh this one is a difficult one … f— obama, elect pelosi and kill murphy. than once pelosi is elected, kill her too.”

Katie Wise, a Fitzpatrick aide, had been following the 19-year-old for some time, and as recently as Thursday evening, the two exchanged tweets.

The younger Fitzpatrick kept her feed public until Friday morning. Later on that day, the Twitter account was shut down entirely.

“#[S]orrydaddy,” she tweeted. “#congressmansdaughtersproblems.”

“Every parent faces the same challenges of raising children in a complicated world,” Fitzpatrick tells HOH. “Parenting is made more difficult in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes children say or do things that you disagree with, but you love them unconditionally. My daughter Maggie is a young college student. This is a matter that my wife Kathy and I will handle privately.”

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