Posted March 5, 2012 at 11:56pm

Reps. Betty Sutton (D) and Jim Renacci (R) have tons in common! They are both in the Ohio delegation, and they will be facing off in a Member-vs.-Member showdown this fall. And now they are even using similar political catchphrases!

“While Americans don’t want government on their backs, they do want government on their side,” Sutton said in a video in October 2011.

According to a tipster, Sutton has been dropping the “government-off-our-backs-and-on-our-side” line ever since.

It’s such a good line that now Renacci has even started using it.

Renacci’s spokesman didn’t quite see it exactly that way.

“Sorry, no one heard her call shot gun on the English language. We’re too busy sorting through her big-government bailout votes in Washington,” spokesman James Slepian said. “Betty Sutton has been a poster child for government that’s not only on your back, but also in your wallet, your doctor’s office and in bed with Wall Street bankers.”

Sutton spokesman Anthony DeAngelo said: “Betty has been practicing what she’s preached for years. I hope that every Member follows suit.”