North Carolina: Rouzer TV Ad Hits Obama, Emphasizes Bio

Posted March 22, 2012 at 12:21pm

North Carolina state Sen. David Rouzer, locked in a contest for the GOP nomination to take on Rep. Mike McIntyre (D), released a TV ad knocking President Barack Obama’s “liberal compass” and then introduces himself as a candidate with “North Carolina values.”

The first 10 seconds of the ad slam the president for spending, debt and unemployment. Then the spot abruptly shifts to a bio spot for Rouzer.

“I was raised to work hard and have faith in the Lord,” he says. “Sen. Jesse Helms taught me how to defend those values, so in Raleigh, I cut wasteful spending and opposed Obamacare. And in Washington, I’ll do the same.”

Rouzer will face fiery former Marine Ilario Pantano in the May 8 primary in the Tar Heel State’s 7th district. Rouzer, who isn’t particularly charismatic in person, has the edge over Pantano, who has struggled mightily to raise money. Still the race is not a lock by any means for Rouzer.

Backed by a $25,000 buy through March 27, the TV spot will air on broadcast and cable stations in the Wilmington media market. Rouzer told Roll Call the campaign planned to buy more airtime after the 27th and will be up on TV with this ad and others through the primary.

Roll Call rates the race as Leans Republican.