Arlen’s Big Week

Posted March 28, 2012 at 11:51am

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter is having a week for the record books!

Against her advice, the former Senator made his New York City standup comedy debut this week. (We assume Pillifant pilfered this bit o’ gossip while interviewing Specter for this profile.)

The 82-year-old Republican-turned-Democrat performed Sunday at Caroline’s Comedy Club’s New Talent Night in front of a crowd of about 80.

This was, of course, Specter’s Big Apple debut, but here in Washington, D.C., we’ve been watching the Man With the Caustic Wit on the Senate floor and at “Washington’s Funniest Celebrity” night for years.

For those curious as to what Specter’s comedy stylings might sound like, the New York Post has a rundown of some of Specter’s jokes dressing down Republicans and Democrats alike.

Second, Specter is in New York City to support his new book, “Life Among the Cannibals,” which was released earlier this week.

The book is filled with fun bits about the political world and the characters that color it. Our favorite line — so far — references one very fit South Dakota Senator.

“John Thune [R], who looked like a movie star in or out of clothes, was constantly stretching. His lanky body seemed to have some kinks to iron out.”

Go ahead, folks. Just let that image seep in.