North Carolina: Mark Meadows Launches Ad in 11th District

Posted April 11, 2012 at 6:13pm

Real estate investor Mark Meadows, the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in North Carolina’s open and heavily Republican 11th district, is launching a simple biographical TV spot today that hits on potent Republican themes.

“I’m blessed with a business we started from scratch,” Meadows says, looking directly to the camera. “But what I value more is my wife and our two children.”

Continuing to look directly at the camera and backed by light piano music, he discusses themes that are likely to appeal to the conservative district.

“I’m driven by a moral obligation to stop Barack Obama’s assault on our values, to protect marriage between one man and one woman, and repeal Obamacare to preserve your right to see a doctor of your choice,” he says.

The newly configured district, currently represented by retiring Rep. Heath Shuler (D), would have voted only 40 percent for Obama in 2008 and is likely to vote less for him in 2012.

“Above all, I’m guided by my Christian faith, and that will never change,” Meadows says.

The ad is backed by a significant buy on broadcast and cable television in the Asheville media market this week — about 500 gross rating points, valued at about $25,000.

On the GOP ballot, Meadows faces local District Attorney Jeff Hunt, young businessman Ethan Wingfield, retired Army officer Spence Campbell, businessman Vance Patterson, economic consultant Chris Petrella, 2010 candidate Kenny West, and Susan Harris, who ran as a Democrat for Senate in 2010. Wingfield and Hunt are probably Meadows’ strongest competitors.

In the general election, the Republican nominee is likely to face former Shuler Chief of Staff Hayden Rogers.

Roll Call rates the race Likely Republican.