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Democrats and Republicans are used to hurling barbs at each other. On Saturday, they’ll have the chance to hurl dodgeballs instead. 

LivingSocial, the D.C.-based website, is hosting the partisan-themed tournament from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Yards Park in Southeast D.C. 

Tickets for participants are $25 and include two beer tickets, specials from food trucks and a LivingSocial headband. More than 300 participants have signed up so far. 

Teams will consist of eight players. After intraparty, double-elimination rounds, the best team from each party will square off for the championship. 

While the bruising sport is an easy metaphor for the current political climate in Washington, the tournament was conceived as a way to ease the divisions between the two parties in this election year. 

“What’s [hotter] than politics in an election year?” said Bram Levy, LivingSocial’s global director of adventures. 

“We just wanted to kind of take something that’s typically thought of as a very serious, debated topic here,” Levy said, “[and] make it a bit more fun, bring some people together, have a great time together, come out and laugh a little bit about something that’s usually pretty serious.”

The event isn’t just an invitation for partisans to let loose with some grade-school fun. For $10, spectators get two beer tickets, discounts on food truck specials and cheer sticks. 

It’s an open question whether a Member of Congress or two might actually show up to participate — imagine the possibilities — or cheer on a colleague or staffer. 

“For all I know, we’ve got some Senators, Congressmen or Congresswomen, Levy said. “I don’t know at this point, but they may well show up, and we’d love to have them there.”

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