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At Nerd Prom, First They Brunch

(Neda Semnani/CQ Roll Call)
(Neda Semnani/CQ Roll Call)

It felt like every celebrity and pol on Earth descended on Washington, D.C., for the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend. The festivities kicked off earlier this week with more dinners and parties then you could shake a stick at, but the actual day of was marked with the annual Garden Brunch.

The brunch — held at Mark Ein’s Beall-Washington House in Georgetown — was hosted by Tammy Haddad and Ted Greenberg, Ein, Kevin Sheekey, Hilary Rosen, Clarke Camper, Alex Castellanos, Anita Dunn, Bill Knapp, David Adler, Steve McMahon and Franco Nuschese.

Things seemed a wee bit confused when we first arrived, but smoothed out over the course of the morning. By the time the party in honor of Steve and Jean Case and Susan Axelrod hit its stride, all the rough patches were gone.

Spotted at the event: All of California, including Gov. Jerry Brown, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner and her weekend ward, Lindsay Lohan.

Here is a brief list of the celebrities — and polebrities — we observed in their natural habitat:

Reggie Love and his brother, Richard. We’ve run into Reggie several times over the past couple of days and marveled a bit at his poise and composure.

“I’ve worked for President [Barack] Obama my entire adult life,” Love told us. “You get used to it.”

We watched Elle Macpherson, Kerry Washington, Rosario Dawson and Kates Hudson and Upton — both clothed — strut through the party. Polebrity and Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was chatting away to friends by a table running over with food.

We spent a few minutes talking to Chace Crawford of “Gossip Girl.”

Crawford made a crack that he and his friend, Matthew Morrison of “Glee,” were going to start a boy band.

“What do you think? Good idea?” Crawford asked.

“Nope, that’s categorically terrible,” we responded.

About that time, Morrison reached over and pulled a pair of sunglasses out of Crawford’s pocket. He tried them on and turned to the very tall — kind of young looking — lady who was with him.

“Babe!” she exclaimed. “Ray-Bans! We need to get you Ray-Bans.”

On the lawn, someone dressed up as a smiling tennis ball chased children, while Lohan took drags from her cigarette.

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