Musician Strikes a Green Note

Posted May 10, 2012 at 12:01am

Some musicians are taking their commitment to environmental causes seriously, or at least seriously enough to talk to Congress about it.

The law, first enacted in 1900, aims to clamp down on illegally logged forest products, some of which could be used in instruments like guitars.

Reverb works with musicians, promoters, venues and others in the music industry to green the tour scene. Everything from biodiesel buses, alternative energy sources and organic and sustainably farmed catering.

“There is no more obvious and direct product [for musicians] than the instruments and products we’re making our music through,” Gardner tells HOH. “It would be very ironic to show up with a biodiesel bus, with a tour running on wind power, [but with musicians] playing instruments made from illegally logged wood that was stolen out of a national forest.”