Obama’s Sandwich Outing Almost Made Me Late

Posted May 16, 2012 at 4:37pm

One reporter’s schedule was thrown offtrack this morning due to the presidential motorcade’s unusual stop.

[Editor’s note: The view expressed below does not necessarily represent those of Heard on the Hill. Most of CQ Roll Call loves Taylor Gourmet — nom nom nom — though, as with everything, there are outliers.]

Good thing I left my apartment earlier than usual this morning.

President Barack Obama’s hankering [ed. note — It was the small-business roundtable] for a Taylor Gourmet turkey sandwich snarled up my commute by offloading my Circulator bus heading down K Street and forcing me to trek over to the McPherson Square Metro station and transfer once again to make it to our NoMA (a.k.a. North of Massachusetts Avenue) office building.

The motorcade traveled up 14th Street to get to the overpriced — and soon to be overcrowded — sandwich shop and tangled up traffic trying to cross over the thoroughfare.

Two buses, two Metro trains and one hour later, I made it into the office.