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John Mayer Done With ‘Rocking’ the Boat

John Mayer, the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter whose career nearly did a death spiral after he famously overshared about past sexual dalliances, has a new album out today:

Born and Raised record and track list
(Courtesy John Mayer)

Born and Raised” marks the next act in Mayer’s musical evolution, a roller coaster of a ride that launched in 2001 when “Your Body Is a Wonderland” began climbing the Billboard charts. The latest effort is bluesier and, if possible, perhaps even more introspective than some of his earlier outings — an emotional arc he claims was facilitated by unplugging from social media and refocusing on his craft.

The newly toned-down tunesmith has also learned to hold his tongue in the political arena, indicating that he’s less inclined to pile on to issues that have already been thoroughly exhausted by professional pundits.

“It’s very seldom that I see something and think, ‘Well, this is what people aren’t talking about,’” he said, adding, “We live in a world where you can see [and hear] every shade of pro and anti.”

“I made one record on Twitter [2009’s “Battle Studies”] and it wasn’t as enduring or dense as I wanted it to be. And I made this last record without ever picking up my phone,” he told HOH during a recent swing through town.

Mayer, a once prolific and often bawdy tweeter, has since handed over his account to management, which now floods the singer’s formerly unpolitically-correct stream of consciousness with innocuous plugs for upcoming performances and video release dates.

And Mayer’s totally cool with that.

“I think when you hear the record, you’ll happily trade reading tweets for hearing music that I think will last a lot longer,” he suggested.