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John McCain: Obama ‘Kicking the Can’ on Syria

In the wake of another brutal attack in Syria, Sen. John McCain charged that President Barack Obama is avoiding taking action until after the elections.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” the Arizona Republican said the president’s “feckless foreign policy” is allowing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to continue to use violence to stay in power.

“The only conclusion you can draw is that this president wants to kick the can down the road until after the election,” McCain said. “It’s really an abdication of everything that America stands for and believes in.”

United Nations monitors have found more than 90 bodies of civilians in the village of Houla who they say were killed by the Syrian military. The Syrian government denies responsibility.

McCain, who was Obama’s GOP opponent in the 2008 elections, argued that removing al-Assad from power would also help with another U.S. foreign policy goal by weakening the regional power of Iran.

According to a recent story in the New York Times, the Obama administration is lobbying Russia to support an agreement to force al-Assad from power but leave other elements of the government in place.

McCain said the agreement is “only about a year too late.”