Missouri: Crossroads GPS Ad Ties Claire McCaskill to Barack Obama

Posted May 31, 2012 at 4:00am

The juggernaut GOP-affiliated group Crossroads GPS is launching a scathing new attack ad against vulnerable Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) today across the Show-Me State. It links her with President Barack Obama and his health care law, which is deeply unpopular in Missouri.

“Obamacare? More like Obama-Claire,” a female narrator says. “Because Sen. Claire McCaskill has voted with President Obama 90 percent of the time — including Obamacare.”

“Obama-Claire brought us Obamacare, and that’s bad medicine for health care,” the narrator says at the end of the ad.


In 2010, 71 percent of almost 1 million Missouri voters cast their ballot in favor of Proposition C, which changed the state’s law to prohibit an individual mandate, the key part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — which some call Obamacare — that requires that many Americans to get health insurance or pay a fine.

The state vote was ceremonial because federal law trumps state law, but it showed wide opposition to the law that McCaskill voted for.

“The purpose of this spot is to alert citizens to Claire McCaskill’s ongoing support for Obamacare when instead she should be pushing for its repeal,” Crossroads GPS spokesman Nate Hodson said in a statement.

The Missouri Senate race, which Roll Call rates as a Tossup, is one of a few races where the health care law will loom particularly large.

McCaskill will face the winner of a close GOP primary contest with Rep. Todd Akin, self-funding businessman John Brunner and former state Treasurer Sarah Steelman.