Hate Money in Politics? Donate Now

Posted June 15, 2012 at 1:15pm

If the past decade has taught us anything, it’s that our political system is all about the cash money.

That’s what activist John Wellington Ennis divined during the course of directing his first film, the Bush-vs.-Gore-centric “Free for All,” and now during his dissection of Citizens United v. FEC in the unfinished flick, “Pay 2 Play.”

According to his latest Kickstarter campaign, Ennis still needs more than $45,000 to complete his treatise against money in elections.

And, just like in a real political campaign — “It’s always better to be wealthy than not,” as Citizens United counselor James Bopp so eloquently put it — big donors stand to reap some impressive rewards.

The first five people/groups to pony up $1,000 can have Ennis direct a customized promotional spot (not unlike the corporate-sponsored ones he’s railing about, we suspect).

Cough up $5,000, and you’re automatically in with the associate producing crowd.

Shell out $10,000, and soon you’ll be taking meetings with other fellow co-producers.

But don’t pack your bags for Hollywood just yet. Ennis’ fundraising push expires July 1.