Fruit Bat Extinct

Jason Dick
Posted June 25, 2012 at 12:01am

Fruit Bat, the H Street concept bar that offered patrons the opportunity to design their own fruit-centric cocktails, closed this month and will be replaced as soon as this week with— wait for it — another bar.

The old Fruit Bat website has a simple message for thirsty and curious customers: “Fruit Bat is gone, but another better bar will take its place. Follow @mysterybardc on twitter to find out when!”

Staffers at its sister bars, Church and State (upstairs from the empty Bat at 1236 H St. NE) and Wisdom (at 1432 Pennsylvania Ave. SE) have been sworn to secrecy about the concept behind the Fruit Bat replacement-in-waiting.

“I know, but I can’t say a word,” one said.

Fruit Bat opened in August 2010 and quickly gained a sort of cult following for the South American and fruit cocktail themes that owner Erik Holzherr dreamed up.

A request for comment from Holzherr was not returned.

But judging by what’s doing at Wisdom (craft-gin-and-absinthe-centered experience) and Church and State (brown liquor, baby!), we at HOH don’t expect it to stray too far from its spirited siblings.