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As if they didn’t already have enough to worry about (opposition candidates, disillusioned voters, vindictive super PACs), politicians can now add disgruntled cabbies and savvy gamers to the growing roster of those looking to boot them from office.

To be fair, Linda Mess (taxi driver) and Rich Colburn (video game developer) are more interested in launching lawmakers skyward via all kinds of wacky propulsion devices. But the basic principle is the same.

According to Colburn, Mess came up with the original idea for “Fire the Government,” a mobile-device-friendly game focused on returning public officials home at the most rapid rate possible. He is fleshing out the concept, a time-intensive process that includes devising trajectory-skewing obstacles and prioritizing score-changing variables.

“The game is kind of like ‘Angry Birds’ … if you incorporated political satire into it,” Colburn told HOH of the developing project.

Each solon is assigned a “home” state (not necessarily his or her birth state) that the player must return them to by any means necessary. Those means tentatively include: a giant slingshot, life-sized bottle rockets, a catapult, a cannon and an electromagnetic rail gun. Each delivery vehicle has its own strengths/weaknesses, and each voyage is judged according to myriad factors (shots fired, overall accuracy, time expired).

Colburn also plans to build in at least a handful of spoilers, including Air Force One. If a “fired” official crosses paths with the iconic transport, they automatically catch a ride back to D.C. and a turn is lost. Likewise, if a shot “misses,” the forcefully propelled politician gets whisked back to the Capitol by a Congressional shuttle.

Colburn wants to release the game with 15 politicians. So far, that list includes President Barack Obama and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The remaining dozen (or so) slots could be filled by a public vote/write-in campaign.

Want to make sure your least favorite politician gets blasted into oblivion? Pledge at least $500 to the Kickstarter campaign, and your nominee automatically becomes ammunition.

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