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Infiltrating Parks and Rec

NBC’s pre-eminent government-related sitcom was rolling tape outside the White House this morning. And a Hill aide tapped to play a human prop filled us in on everything that went (and will go) down on the set.

House Energy and Commerce Committee IT guru Tim Torres got word late last night he’d need to report to the pedestrian-friendly strip of Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest in front of Chez Obama for this morning’s “Parks and Recreation” shoot.

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott in DC
(Courtesy Tim Torres)

Torres told HOH he showed up at 6 a.m. and spent the next four to five hours milling about while series stars Amy Poehler (“Leslie Knope”), Adam Scott (“Ben Wyatt”), Aubrey Plaza (“April Ludgate”) and Chris Pratt (“Andy Dwyer”) made Hollywood magic.

Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza in DC
(Courtesy Tim Torres)

“We did back-and-forths, mainly,” Torres said of his scintillating introduction to TV extra work.

And he’s not done yet.

Torres said he’s headed back to a TBD hotel near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue tonight to film some sort of reception sequence. “I think we’re pretending to be lobbyists or something,” he suggested.

Tim Torres (remember this face)
(Courtesy Tim Torres)

Just think: One day, when he’s moved on to sitcom superstardom, we’ll be able to say we knew him when …

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