Roads Warrior

Posted July 24, 2012 at 1:00am

Contrary to what media buyers would have you believe, the battle for the hearts and minds of 2012 voters will be not be waged on flickering TV screens but instead by dashboard lights.

At least, that’s how Right Move PAC Executive Director David Moss sees it.

His group will be taking the fight to President Barack Obama, Senate hopeful Tim Kaine (specifically) and Congress (in general) this fall with a series of roadside banners and truck-mounted advertisements. The banners will be smaller than traditional billboards. And they will be planted on privately owned property directly in the sight line of passing motorists.

“It’s very challenging for someone driving down the road to not spot a bright yellow banner,” he said of his guerilla marketing campaign.

Moss mapped out plans to post his right-leaning rhetoric across Virginia (he’s based in Richmond), North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia and Florida. He tells HOH he’s secured commitments from 300 to 400 property owners willing to display the aforementioned signage — Right Move’s messaging focuses on the now-Supreme-Court-sanctioned health care overhaul, disappearing jobs, the mounting national debt and, oddly, Israel. These include areas in Northern Virginia overlooking Metro stations and train lines. He also has a growing army of truckers who are amenable to decking out their rigs with removable posters.

“These are long-haul drivers … so they won’t be restricted to a single state,” Moss asserts.

The signs will start dotting travel routes Aug. 29. Moss plans to keep them in play through Election Day.