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Romney, Obama Advisers Expect Close Race

The presidential race is dead even with exactly 100 days to go until the general election.

On ABC’s “This Week,” the senior advisers to the campaigns of both President Barack Obama and presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney agreed it will likely remain close until Nov. 6.

“That’s what we’ve prepared for, that’s why we’re investing in a grass-roots army to win this race on Election Day,” said Robert Gibbs, Obama’s former White House press secretary.

Kevin Madden, who also worked on Romney’s 2008 campaign, said the ultimate determinate for who wins will be “how the American public judges the last three and a half years and whether or not the economy has gotten better in the last three and a half years.”

Neither of the candidates are on the trail this weekend, at least not on American soil. After a couple of fundraisers Friday night, Obama had no public events scheduled this weekend. Romney is in the middle of a three-country overseas trip and is scheduled today to deliver foreign policy remarks in Jerusalem.

Gibbs chastised Romney for his remarks last week while in London about England’s preparedness for the Olympics, saying Romney “embarrassed” himself with the United States’ “strongest ally in the world.” He added that it “does make you wonder whether or not he’s ready to be commander in chief.”

When asked just a few minutes later about the voters’ negative views about the discourse of the race so far, Gibbs said the Obama campaign’s messaging has been positive and not focused entirely on why Americans shouldn’t hire Romney. “I don’t think that’s been true at all in our case,” Gibbs said, adding that Romney’s campaign ran negative ads against each of his top primary opponents.

Madden said voters have been reacting negatively because Obama turned out to be a “conventional politician.”

“What Gov. Romney has done during this campaign is focused like a laser on the issues and anxieties that are really driving voter sentiment right now, which is the economy and the inability of the president to get it back on track,” Madden said.

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