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He/She Said

One idealist wants to preserve the lesser-known pearls of wisdom dropped by American lawmakers in, “Political Encomium,” a prospective collection of uplifting politispeak.

Angel Tucker, one half of the Baltimore-based graphic design firm RNA Projects, tells HOH the coffee-table-style book is the brainchild of her partner, Rashaund Savage.

According to Tucker, who is pitching in on the project, the evolving tome casts aside the low-hanging rhetorical fruit in favor of more obscure, but no less inspiring, sentiments culled from stump speeches, press releases and interviews.

“I’m referring to a candid viewpoint on how we can work together, an inspiring thought as to how we can be better than we were before, a solid belief on how things should be,” Savage explains on his current Kickstarter page.

Tucker said they are focusing on a cross-section of leaders plucked from the past 200 years of American history. The who’s who of talking heads includes: Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge and Barack Obama, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and civil rights champion Martin Luther King Jr.

The pair is hoping to publish 50 hard-copy versions of the finished product (about 50 pages each) ahead of the upcoming presidential election. They will also produce an electronic version and lay the groundwork for on-demand paperbacks.

“I really want this book to be a source of inspiration, a source of dreams,” Savage maintains. “That’s my dream.”