Taylor Gourmet’s Sub Mission

Posted August 8, 2012 at 4:01pm

Have you got what it takes to tackle 5 feet of Taylor Gourmet deliciousness?

Taylor Gourmet's 9th Street Italian hoagie
(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

Then bring your hungry pants to this year’s H Street Festival.

Co-founder Casey Patten said the homegrown hoagie haven had considered staging a contest last year, but things didn’t quite fall into place. This time he’s ready.

The rules are simple enough: The first person to successfully devour 10, 6-inch 9th Street Italian subs in less than 20 minutes walks (or maybe waddles) away with $200 in cash and the nascent “Taylor Gourmet Champion Belt.” All the other contestants — Patten is hoping to accommodate as many as 10 contenders — will be rewarded with TG gift cards.

Patten said no one on staff has formally attempted the challenges. But he admitted to wolfing down three 12-inch subs in a single sitting. “And I wasn’t in any competitive eating mode,” he said of the random feat.

To wit, if anyone conquers the gastro-challenge, Patten has agreed to have Taylor Gourmet scrawled on his person by a Britishink artist. And lest you think that’s an idle threat, Patten is considering having the body art applied on stage immediately after the eat-off.

And what if a ringer blows into town to claim the TG crown?

“If the Black Widow [the nickname of local and competitive eating champ Sonya Thomas] would like to show up and take a boatload of Taylor Gourmet, she’s more than welcome,” Patten suggested.

Interested parties can apply via tweet (@Taylor_Gourmet) or Facebook.

The 2012 H Street Festival is scheduled for noon to 7 p.m on Sept. 15.