Pass the Political Mic

Posted August 10, 2012 at 2:32pm

Ahh, recess. The perfect time to troll the Interwebz for catchy campaign ditties and political parodies.

Team HOH has seized upon not one, but two (we’ll be billing overtime this week) amateur melody-makers hoping to capture the electorate’s imagination with their musical stylings.

There’s Jason Howell, the independent long-shot candidate squaring off against incumbent Democratic Rep. Jim Moran, Republican Patrick Murray and Green Party candidate Janet Murphy in Virginia’s 8th Congressional district. Howell last week treated the crowd at IOTA Club & Café to his rendition of “Congress-Man,” a sobering tune modeled after Elton John’s famously drug-fueled “Rocket Man”:

Would-be rapper Luke “Lukerative” Caldwell has his sights set on a higher office. The rhyme-spitting Californian recorded his ode to presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney while in D.C. for the July Fourth holiday:

Caldwell declined to share the specifics of what he plans to showcase (Debut album? Conservative commentary? Sartorial advice for wannabe Secret Service agents?) on his still-dormant, eponymous homepage, noting only that he’s looking forward to sharing “LUKErative ventures.”

Word to both of your mothers.