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DSCC Attacks Todd Akin in New Ad

The independent expenditure arm of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee began airing an attack ad this weekend against Rep. Todd Akin, the GOP nominee for Senate in Missouri.

Saying he would “undermine Social Security,” the spot attacks Akin with his own words. Democrats are hoping to frame Akin as too extreme for Missouri voters. They hope swing voters will instead cast their ballots for vulnerable first-term Sen. Claire McCaskill (D).

“Congressman Todd Akin has a plan for your retirement: work longer. That’s because Akin would undermine Social Security,” a male narrator says over video of an elderly man punching a time card in a dark, brick-walled room.

“I don’t like it. I didn’t design Social Security. FDR put it in place,” Akin then says in the ad in a clip taken from C-SPAN with a small internal edit.

“Akin would risk your retirement savings with a private investment program that benefits Wall Street. He’s already taken almost half a million dollars from Wall Street. He’d give them your Social Security money,” the narrator says over graphics.

“That work for you?” the narrator asks over video of the elderly man, who has just punched his time card. “Congressman Todd Akin: way out of Missouri’s mainstream.”

The ad is backed by a $1.1 million buy on statewide cable and broadcast television from Aug. 11-22.

You can watch the full context of Akin’s remarks at C-SPAN’s website. The longer version begins at about 21 minutes and 50 seconds into the program “Washington Journal.”

“Now, Social Security, through the years, for many, many people, has been a terrible investment,” Akin said in the C-SPAN appearance last year. “It’s really a tax, is all it is. Social Security is a tax. The government has taken the tax. There’s been more money coming in than going out. And we spend it. That’s not been responsible. I don’t like it. I didn’t design Social Security. It was, actually, came from Bismarck. FDR put it in place.”

Roll Call rates the Missouri Senate race as a Tossup.

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