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Kentucky: Andy Barr Launches First TV Ad

Lexington attorney Andy Barr (R), facing a tough re-match with four-term Rep. Ben Chandler (D) in the Bluegrass State’s 6th district, today released a smart, soft-spoken ad reintroducing himself to voters.

His wife, Carol Barr, narrates the ad. She begins speaking to camera standing in a kitchen with a mug covered in hearts.

“April the 2nd, 2011, Kentucky was finally playing again in the Final Four. But that day was so much more important for our family. The birth of Eleanor was the biggest day of our lives,” she narrates over video of her and her husband reading to their young daughter on a park bench.

“I’ve seen it Andy, as a father, he’s more determined than ever. Andy wants a better children for all our children,” she says over b-roll of him campaigning. “That means we have to be more responsible with how we spend our money and the people we trust to lead us.”

The Strategy Group for Media made the 30-second spot, which has soft, hopeful music in the background.

The ad is backed by $82,000 on district-wide cable and broadcast television over two weeks. It’s part of a larger $102,500 buy that includes radio and online advertising.

Barr lost the 2010 race against Chandler by 647 votes. Though polls have found the race to be close, GOP insiders familiar with Kentucky still believe Barr faces a significant uphill battle in convincing voters in the slightly more Democratic, newly configured district to toss out the incumbent. A Democratic poll earlier this year found a majority of likely voters in the district had a favorable impression of Chandler.

Still, if Barr is to win, ads like this — which appear aimed at boosting his likability among voters — are probably part of the way.

Roll Call rates this race as Likely Democratic.