Fleshing Out Mitt and Rob

Posted August 20, 2012 at 1:45pm

Move over,  Felix and Oscar. The oddest couple of the hour would have to be Mitt & Rob, a Twitter-fueled phenomenon wedding GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney with his text-happy tormenter, comedian Rob Delaney.

Mitt and Rob bunkbed post
(Courtesy Mitt & Rob)

Mitt & Rob creator Josh Mecouch told HOH he’s long admired the rapid-fire quips and topical barbs Delaney rains down on the Romney camp, but he only recently decided to document the absurdity of it all in comic form.

embarrassing personal effects
a field day

But he always seems to circle back to Romney sooner or later.

Mecouch touted the “Decision Points” panel (pictured above) and another showing the unlikely duo skipping rocks while having a heart-to-heart about voter suppression strategies as his favorite drawings to date. He noted that a build-your-own president post and one featuring Chick-fil-A as a backdrop for a spicy discussion on creating a next-generation workforce have grabbed lots of eyeballs.

Mecouch is thoroughly enjoying the race so far, adding newly minted vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan to the fray whenever the situation permits. But he’s all too aware that the smorgasbord of funny might come to a screeching halt in a few short weeks.

“If Mitt and Paul don’t make it to the White House, I imagine Rob’s tweets at Mitt might slow down some so it’s possible the Mitt and Rob comic will retire come November,” he said, adding, “If someone wanted to turn these into a book, I would love to make it happen.”