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Jay Jay’s Not Gonna Take It

Jay Jay French is good and pissed at GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, and he’s not going to take it. No, he’s not going to take it. He’s not going to take it anymore.

Twisted Sister’s guitarist and founding member just found out that the Ryan campaign has been using the band’s rock anthem “We’re Not Going To Take It” as the House Budget chairman’s theme song. Unfortunately, the Ryan campaign forgot to get permission from the band. Eep!

“If his campaign contacted the record label, [the label] would call us directly,” French tells HOH. According to French, the campaign did not and Twisted Sister would like the campaign to stop using their version of the song, suggesting that it gives the impression the band supports the Republican ticket.

French says that while members of the band span the political spectrum, with some  supporting GOP candidate Mitt Romney, they are categorically opposed to the current Republican social platform. For his part, French is a strong President Barack Obama supporter.

As a band, Twisted Sister does not support the “extreme discriminatory anti-abortion plank and the gay marriage plank.”

“It is kind of mind-boggling to me that while [our allies] support these rights, the Republican party would align itself with the Iranian government,” French says.

This isn’t the first time French has also found illegal usage of the track. He called out politicians all over the country who use the track in political ads and in their rallies.

As of press time, emails and calls to Ryan’s campaign haven’t been returned.

As we wait, we shall also watch:

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