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Journos: Comedy Central Needs You

The good folks at Comedy Central are dying to pick the Greatest Political Mind of Our Time. To wit, the 2012 Indecision Team has created a Political Trivia Challenge!

That sound you just heard was the largest egos in Washington collectively snapping to attention.

So, how will this challenge work? First of all, journos, there is unfortunately a popularity threshold. In other words, you have to be nominated.

Should you chose to accept the challenge “[p]layers will be entered into brackets — similar to college basketball’s March Madness tournament — and pitted in head-to-head competition with the winners advancing on to the next round,” the tournament’s nomination letter reads.

Don’t worry, political heavies, we’re absolutely positive that the same fake-news team that arches a sardonic eyebrow at you daily isn’t now using you for publicity. You should definitely feel that Comedy Central is a safe place for both reporters and political pundits.

Good luck all!

Want to try your luck? Practice with a smarter-than-average phone application.