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RNC Speaker Teaches Groups How to Get Government Money

Sher Valenzuela, one of Tuesday night’s prime time speakers at the Republican National Convention, is better known for teaching other small business owners how to succeed in securing government dollars, Buzzfeed reports.

Even though Valenzula, a Republican who is running for lieutenant governor in Delaware, spoke at the “We Built That!” themed convention, she has given several incredibly long and detailed PowerPoint presentations in April and May of 2012 that outline the hows and whys of securing federal dollars. 

The title of one slide, “A Few Myths and the Truth About Working with the Government,” makes a compelling case for working with the federal government.

Myth one: “It will take too much time to complete the paperwork necessary to work with the government.”

False! claims the Valenzuela presentation: “The truth: Bidding on government contracts has never been easier, and it’s getting easier all the time!”

Myth two: “I’ve heard government is slow to pay for services and products.”

According to Valenzuela, that’s false too!

“Today it’s rare to find a government contractor that
doesn’t get paid within 30 days.

By law
, the government must pay you within that time frame or include interest,” she insists. “
Wouldn’t it be great if all our commercial customers were forced to do that?

Valenzuela was also named Delaware’s 2012 Small Business Person of the Year … by the U.S. Small Business Administration, a federal agency.

Correction: 2:29 p.m.

An earlier version of this post misstated when Valenzuela was scheduled to speak. She addressed the GOP convention on Tuesday.