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Charlotte in the Rain

On Monday, the Democratic National Convention resembled nothing so much as a soggy summer music festival.

Early in the afternoon at CarolinaFest, people caught brothers Jeff and Beau Bridges rocking out in the rain on the main stage.

At least the Dude and his friends got a whole set in — James Taylor got through only three songs before the show was called on account of torrential downpour. The happy, soggy and poncho’d festival-goers streamed away from central Charlotte, queueing for buses and shuttles.

“Where are you from?” one asked cheerily.

“Washington, D.C.,” we responded.

“Well, welcome!” she said. “We’re so happy you could come! We’re from here.”

Continuing past the epicenter, Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx was stopped by fans shouting for hugs and screaming, “Anthony! Anthony!”

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx greets constituents. (Photo Courtesy Neda Semnani)

The mayor gave out high-fives and happily stopped for pictures across from the giant sand sculpture of President Barack Obama.

On the next corner, one red-faced anti-abortion activist paused from his protest to compliment a young child on his “mother raising him well.” He quickly returned to waving his sign emblazoned with a graphic image of an aborted fetus.

Anti-abortion activists in Charlotte. (Photo Courtesy of Neda Semnani)