Foo Fighters Rock Charlotte With Their Longest Gig Ever

Posted September 6, 2012 at 12:57pm

While the rest of the Democratic National Convention guests were hitting up glitzy parties around Charlotte, a lucky few convention-goers snagged tickets for the Foo Fighters “Rock the Vote” concert.

The Foo Fighters rocked out for three hours at the Fillmore. (Photo courtesy a friend of HOH)

The venue, which hosted the Common and Jermaine Dupri event (sponsored in part by CQ Roll Call) earlier this week, is the size of a small music venue. The acoustics are pretty sick, the crowd was pumped and the Foo Fighters were amped.

The band played for more than three hours, which lead singer Dave Grohl said was their longest show ever, running through their entire first album as an encore.

Grohl kept it about the music, leaving politics to the larger venues across town.

“Thanks a lot, you guys,” he said, before leaving the stage. “That was a f—ing blast.”