Downing a Few at Top of the Hill

Posted September 20, 2012 at 3:45pm

God bless us all, we made it to Thursday.

More importantly, we are just 47 — or as GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney now likes to call it, that “#@$!%^& number” — days away from being able to zone out about presidential elections. (To be fair, the 2016 race is well under way, political reporters will tell you. But we won’t let them spoil the party.)

What better way to commemorate our numerological boon than to commune today from 6 p.m-??? at Top of the Hill (319 Pennsylvania Ave. SE) for another Famous DC/Heard on the Hill happy hour?

Your dedicated HOHers will be there.

So please join us so we can clink glasses and toast to long-lasting friendship. (Or don’t, in which case we’ll claim your share of the booze and use it to drown our sorrows.)