Reporter Provides Simple Obamacare Recipe

Posted October 4, 2012 at 1:34pm

In the midst of the first 2012 presidential campaign, as the candidates go back and forth on the health care law, we at HOH sometimes find ourselves scratching our heads.

“Where do health care laws come from?” we wondered. So we asked CQ Roll Call’s health reporter extraordinaire Emily Ethridge.

We thought she was going to start with: “When two parties hate each other very much…”

But, ever the consummate professional, Ethridge  provided us with a simple recipe:

“Take one part Heritage Foundation plan from 1989, one part [Gov. Mitt Romney’s] Massachusetts plan, one part [Senate Finance Chairman] Max Baucus [D-Mont.]. Stir.

Weigh out one part public option. Discard.

Toss between two chambers for 4 months. Stir until combined.

Add 60 votes.

Whisk aside 10th amendment, as indicated by the Romney method.

Bake at extremely high temperature until 2014 and serve.”