Jewish Kids Spot Jesus at Capitol

Posted October 16, 2012 at 12:46pm

The international media didn’t show up to the Jesus Lady’s press conference this morning on the East Front of Capitol as she announced who was behind the effort to remove her and Jesus from the Capitol, but a group of Jewish students, many wearing traditional Jewish yarmulkes, did.

As the winds whipped past, knocking over an American flag and microphone stand near Rita Warren (the Jesus Lady), a large group of students, including yarmulke-donned boys, caught a glimpse of the life-size Jesus mannequin and yelled, “Look, it’s Jesus!” and “Hi Jesus!” as they walked past. An adult with the group, also wearing a yarmulke, laughed at the impeccably timed passing of his group of students.

The encounter was the most attention Warren’s press conference received. Many who walked by stared at Warren’s Jesus mannequin but didn’t stick around to find out why he was there.

Don’t worry, though. HOH got the scoop of who was behind Warren’s eviction from her Fairfax, Va., apartment last month. According to Warren, the eviction is proof of an effort to keep her and Jesus from the Capitol, where she has sat with her mannequin for 33 years.

Warren said President Barack Obama and his “people” are behind her eviction and that in less than three weeks, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will win the presidency and restore her to good standing.

“They got rid of God out of the [Democratic Party platform at the] convention, now they want to get rid of the Son,” Warren said. “But they are not going to succeed.”

She added, “If we had Congressmen who had guts — not even guts, who had faith — they would have impeached him years ago.”