Missouri: McCaskill Camp Tries Closing the Deal

Posted October 25, 2012 at 2:49pm

The campaign of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) is launching three new ads statewide today that feature comments by Missourians.

“We’ve been hearing a number of things that are pretty consistent no matter where we go and who we’re talking to across the state,” campaign manager Adrianne Marsh told reporters. “And it’s related to things that are important to them, like veterans care and Medicare, Social Security, student loans, minimum wage — the very things themes that we’ve been talking about on this campaign since the beginning.”

Speaking on a conference call with reporters, Marsh said they encountered the individuals featured in the ads in a variety of venues across the state. Many of the individuals featured criticize the positions of GOP challenger Rep. Todd Akin. Several of the individuals featured are wearing St. Louis Cardinals apparel.

McCaskill has been off the campaign trail to be with her ailing mother who remains hospitalized in intensive care.

“Claire’s made the decision that she’s not going to leave St. Louis as long as her mother is in intensive care,” Marsh said, adding that the campaign plans to do a statewide RV tour as a “closing argument” next week, but those plans are in flux because of the medical condition of McCaskill’s mother.

Most polling data shows McCaskill with a healthy lead, but Marsh said the campaign will take nothing for granted.

“I think that we will admit we’re in a pretty fortunate position,” Marsh said before adding that there are some discrepancies in polling. “You can’t necessarily take … anything today for gospel because in two days, everything could change.”

The Akin campaign has continued to say McCaskill’s operation is trying to distract Missourians from her record.

“Claire McCaskill wants to make this election about anything but her record of a struggling economy, huge deficits and big government expansions like Obamacare,” Akin spokesman Ryan Hite said Wednesday. “Do Missourians want six more years of Obamacare, deficit spending and cronyism, or do they want more jobs and more freedom? That’s what this election is about.”

Here are the other McCaskill ads: